Information and Instructions - Looking after your Mild Steel Fire Pit

The Mild Steel Woodee Fire Pit

Your Fire Pit has either a 400mm, 600mm or 900mm diameter

Made from mild (carbon) steel with a 5mm thick base and a 3mm thick surround which has been plasma cut and hand worked in our rural Herefordshire workshop. It has three legs, welded on for stability and an oak leaf drainage hole in the base to allow rainwater to drain out.

The raw steel has been given a protective lacquer coating. Once you light the fire this coating will burn off. Raw Steel will oxidise (rust) when it encounters water and air. This results in a lovely patina; this is totally normal and does not affect the use of the fire pit. Over time as the metal is heated and cooled it may bow slightly. This is normal and occurs because there is stress within the metal as it is made which reveals itself when under pressure.

Your Fire Pit is designed to stay outside all year around. You can prolong its life by rubbing it down with a hard brush or wire wool periodically (this will remove rust) and using bees wax polish or vegetable based oil. If you have bought the Lid, then this cover will also help protect the fire pit underneath.

Where to site the Woodee Fire Pit

Before you use your Fire Pit for the first time think about where you are going to site it. It is designed for outdoor use only and should not be used in confined spaces such as conservatories/out buildings or barns.

The safest place is away from the house and other buildings. It should also be away from overhanging trees and shrubs which could be damaged by the heat. For safety reasons you should put it on a level surface on stone, concrete, gravel, or grass. Please be aware that it could char the grass. You could put a slab or slate underneath or if you are going to site it permanently in one place consider taking off the turf and siting it directly on the soil. In particularly hot weather, wet the grass under the fire pit before use.
The Woodee Fire Pit is not recommended for use on wooden decking.


Using the Woodee Fire Pit

Three things must be present for a good fire: fuel, oxygen and heat. First consider the fuel you will use. You can’t beat wood for a crackling flame and great atmosphere. The wood needs to be seasoned or kiln-dried as this has a lower water content and will smoke less. For cooking you may like to use charcoal as this gives a steady heat rather than a flame.

To start your fire we recommend ‘Flamers’ natural fire lighters ( they are easy to light, will hold the flame for the fire to get going and are odourless.

The easiest way to lay a fire is to place two pieces of wood parallel to each other in the base of the fire pit and then stack two more on top, crossways over them. Repeat this again and then add your fire lighter onto this. Light the fire lighter then add some kindling on top (in the same format as the logs). This is called the ‘top down method’ and works well because it allows oxygen to get to the fire from below. As the fire takes hold it will burn the logs underneath giving a clean burn.

Mild steel is an excellent conductor of heat. It will very quickly get hot and therefore once the fire is lit please do not touch the Fire Pit. It will burn you. Ensure chairs and any furniture is far enough away that it won’t melt or char. Now sit back, relax and be mesmerised by the flames!

Extinguishing the Fire

In most circumstances, your Fire Pit will naturally extinguish itself when it runs out of fuel. Do not be tempted to throw water on it unless in an emergency. If you have bought
the Lid you could put this on at the end of the night to stop sparks or ash escaping. If for any reason fire escapes from the Fire Pit do not panic, douse it in water or sand.


• Fire burns! Children should be supervised around fire. Keep children and any pets a safe distance away.

• Do not move the Fire Pit when it is lit. It could topple over and become a fire hazard.

• Never use diesel, petrol or other fuel to ‘get it going’.

• Never leave your Fire Pit unattended – ensure the fire is out before leaving it.

• Always have a Fire Extinguisher or a bucket of water or sand nearby when you have an outdoor fire.

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