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‘A little piece of Herefordshire’

Herefordshire woodsHerefordshire is one of the most rural and beautiful counties in the country. On a canvas of green rolling hills, ancient woodlands and cider apple orchards, sit black and white houses, Duchy Farms, historic buildings and market towns.

We have an abundance of natural materials in the county and our business is founded on using them. We handcraft and mould natural materials into beautiful products. Each finished piece can include five different raw materials – making each one a little piece of Herefordshire and giving it a heritage that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

bees on honeycombThe materials for our baskets, tools and accessories are grown locally. Having more ancient oak trees than any other county it was only natural that we should use local oak from a local woodsman which is fallen and felled within ten miles of Woodee HQ. 

Our willow is grown in local willow beds by a master basket maker and the beeswax for candles and polish we get from a local beekeeper. Our presentation boxes are made in Madley. 

We are not interested in finding the cheapest materials or people wherever they may be in the world; We are committed to finding the best, locally. We believe it is more sustainable and better for the environment, it provides local employment and is good for the local economy. Therefore, if it can be sourced in Herefordshire, we get it in Herefordshire, if it can’t we buy it as locally as possible. For instance our hand blown glass is made in Oxfordshire, the UK's only remaining manufacturer of flat glass. 

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