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The design is in the detail

stainless steel fire pit stackWe believe an outdoor fire should give heat efficiently, offer a great cooking experience and be useful when not lit. It should do it beautifully, safely and for many years. With this as our guide we designed the Woodee Fire Pit - a stylish, contemporary design with excellent durability.

Each fire pit is made to order by our metalwork specialist Pete Caspall in his small workshop. With deep straight sides and around 100 oak leaves cut out of each one, the Woodee is the ideal housing for an outdoor fire. It draws air in from every direction to give a great burn whilst simultaneously protecting the flame and allowing heat through the leaves to warm your legs.

inside fire pitEach Woodee has a thick dished base with an oak leaf drainage hole, allowing rain water to escape; this protects the metalwork and increases longevity. For structural strength, a thick rim is welded to the top to allow the Woodee to weight-bear the heavy duty grill, cooking tray and lid. Finally, for stability and safety, each Woodee has three legs welded underneath - which, like a traditional milking stool, will always find level ground.

Woodee fire pits come in four sizes, 400mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm (diameter). As a guide the 600mm is the popular choice for families and groups up to six people or to fit a standard sized outdoor space; the 900mm makes an impressive statement in a larger space and can cater for larger groups of people. The little 400mm is perfect for smaller spaces and for individuals and couples. It is also ideal for taking on those camping trips and picnics.  The 1200mm, we only make in stainless steel due to the weight, and is perfect for events and as a focal point for grand spaces.

Handcrafted fire pits, artisan tools and stylish accessories for wood burners, open fires and fire pits designed and made in Herefordshire, England. The Wood...


“I’ve had the Woodee for a couple of years and absolutely love it. It’s perfect as a ‘patio heater’ if I can call it that but also amazing for cooking a 3kg piece of steak. Then during the day, with the lid on, it’s perfect as a table to put your drinks on! And to top it off, being stainless steel, it won’t rust or require any kind of upkeep! Ever!”
— Martin Baker
man and girl sat next to fire pit

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Sitting around a fire pit with friends and family as the sun goes down is one of life’s simple pleasures. Unplugged and outdoors, gazing at the flames dancing in front of you, is good for the soul.

The Woodee Fire Pit is a unique three-in-one fire pit made for modern outdoor living that can be left outside all year round. Recognisable by its signature oak leaves and loved for its versatility, we make them in two different metals and three different sizes to suit your space and pocket.

Mild steel is our standard original fire pit. Designed to survive being left outdoors in all weathers, over many years, they have a hefty 5mm base and rim, making them heavy, sturdy and solid. Over time the carbon steel will take on a gorgeous organic patina that changes colour from the ‘rolled blue’ to a deep orange as it oxidises and rusts naturally.

Stainless steel is a more expensive metal that is incredibly hardwearing; it doesn’t rust like mild steel and is easy to clean and maintain. The fire pit is lighter in weight and easier to move and has been designed to make a stunning centrepiece for your outdoor living space. Taking the British weather, high heat and constant use in its stride, it will give you years of pleasure. Over time it will take on a stunning array of colours as the steel reacts with the heat of the fire. It is a piece of rural art.


fire pit dimensionsIf you’d like a copy of our brochure you can either download one here or request a printed version here.



Fire pit accessoriesAccessories

Our range of fire pit tools and accessories are designed so that you can enjoy outdoor living with your Woodee, to the full. All our fire irons are hand forged by our blacksmiths. Made from mild steel they are incredibly strong, and are made with a long handle for outdoor use. For comfort they all have chamfered Herefordshire oak or ash handles and a Hereford bull-skin strap so that you can hang them up. They are finished with Herefordshire beeswax to protect them.


Woodee Slice

Our long-handled slice is perfect for handling food on your fire pit grill. It has a stainless steel head with oak leaf cut-out, which allows any oil to drain before serving. Length: 770mm.

Toasting Fork

A stylish three-pronged fork, perfect for toasting crumpets and sausages over the fire pit and great for barbecuing. Length: 745mm.

Mallow Tree

The fun way to cook up to 7 marshmallows at a time. Lightweight and long with curled hooks, this is a safe design for children to use with adult supervision. Length: between 900mm and 980mm.


Stylish and practical these tongs can be used for food on the grill or for logs in the fire. Beautifully balanced, with just the right amount of spring. Length 560mm.

Leather Apron

Our traditional leather aprons are made by our octogenarian leatherworker, Mike. They all have adjustable leather straps; at a length just above the knee, they are perfect for outdoor cooking and barbecuing. One size.

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hearth and homeHearth and Home

The Woodee Hearth and Home is a range of fire side tools and accessories handmade beautifully to last. Pieces in our range can take over a month to make so please contact us if you are ordering a gift for a special occasion.



Rake & Shovel

Hand forged and designed to use together or separately; these are incredibly useful tools to clean out the grate and wood burner, and keep the hearth free from ash. Our modern take on a hearth brush can be used within a hot fire (also great for pizza ovens).

Fire Irons

Pokers and log rollers are traditional tools to help you safely manage your open fire, wood burner or fire pit. They are the perfect tool to stoke a fire and reinvigorate dying embers. Pokers are straight and log rollers have a hooked end to manoeuvre logs.

Log Loops

A stylish and contemporary log holder for the hearth. Herefordshire willow woven on to blacksmith hand forged double loops. Finished with oak leaves and a Hereford bull-skin name plate. Colours are a combination of muted greens and brown hues.

Log Trolley

Beautifully designed and handmade to carry and hold logs from your woodpile to the hearth. Each one is unique in colour and weave, with a sturdy hand-forged frame, bearing-wheels and solid oak stopper. A stunning piece of furniture.


Designed to breathe life into dying embers and help light fires, these are our contemporary take on the traditional fireside bellows of days gone by. The work of six different traditional craftspeople, they are unique. An heirloom. Available in Herefordshire oak or ash.

Storm Lanterns

Handcrafted by six different traditional craftspeople, the Woodee storm lantern is a work of art. It is a practical and beautiful light for use indoors or out, and is available with or without a hand-blown glass liner and a Herefordshire beeswax candle. It comes in a handmade presentation box.

The Woodee

An artisan and stylish tool to open your hot stove & wood burner door. Made out of Herefordshire oak with a leather strap to hang it where you need it, this tactile tool comes with a hand forged nail in a presentation box. It can be personalised with a house or family name. There are three designs to fit different wood burners.

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