600mm Mild Steel Fire Pit

600mm Mild Steel Fire Pit


The standard size 600mm Woodee Fire Pit is designed and handcrafted in Herefordshire using British Steel from Port Talbot.  

It’s the perfect design for sitting around with friends and family. The height is designed to be knee level for maximum warmth.

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The Oak leaf design helps draw in air which gives an even burn.  The hand-dished base has an oak leaf cut out of the centre which allows rain water to drain; this, coupled with the 5mm steel base, helps prolong the life of the steel.

Wood, Charcoal, long burn logs and bbq coals can be used in the Fire Pit.

  • Diameter 600mm

  • Height 460mm

  • Bowl depth 250mm

  • Base Steel 5mm

  • Surround Steel 3mm