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600mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit

600mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit

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Our stainless steel version of the Family Fire Pit, the standard 600mm Woodee, is designed to be the perfect 'all-rounder' and is suitable for most outdoor spaces.  It will not rust like mild steel, but as it heats will temper and take on a honey and bronze coloured patina which will make it look like a piece of sculpture in your setting. Created to sit around with family and friends, this is a superb focal point.  It will enhance your space, extend your evenings outdoors and offer a social setting for gatherings. 

Our most popular size, the Family Fire Pit is incredibly versatile. It is ergonomically designed at knee height so that you benefit from the maximum heat output and simultaneously can comfortably cook on it sitting down. 

British built and designed in Herefordshire.  Made from thick stainless steel, strong welds and fixed legs, this is a safe, incredibly durable fire pit that will stand the test of time and the great British weather. It can be left outdoors all year around as it will be unaffected by the weather.


  • Diameter 600mm
  • Height 460mm
  • Bowl depth 250mm
  • Base Steel 3mm
  • Surround Steel 3mm


How does it work?

Add dry wood, preferably seasoned or kiln dried split logs, into the base of the fire pit and light using a natural fire lighter. 

Fire needs oxygen to burn effectively and the Woodee provides this in abundance.  The clever design draws in oxygen from every angle through oak leaf shaped air vents to the heart of the fire.  This enables it to get hot quickly and ignites the smoke.  You will therefore find it much cleaner, have less smoke and be more efficient than a bowl, dish or solid shaped fire pit.  It will also be less affected by gusts of wind than other fire pits as the tall straight sides protects the flame. 

As well as drawing air in through the air vents, the heat also radiates out through them.  This means you will benefit from the heat around your lower leg, keeping your whole body warm, rather than all the heat rising from the top and escaping into the atmosphere.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes. Once the fire is cold use a plastic dustpan to scoop the ash out. Being made of stainless steel means that you can wash and scrub this with hot soapy water and it won't affect the metal - you could even power wash it if you wanted to give it a good clean.  Additionally, unlike mild steel it will not leave any rust marks on your patio.

In the base we cut out another oak leaf shaped drainage hole.  This allows rain water to pass through ensuring you are not left with a puddle of water in your fire pit during inclement weather.

Use the Woodee simply for warmth, alternatively accessorise it to cook on or to use as a stunning garden table. 

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Stainless Steel Fire Pits

From our customers


Fantastic fire pit and BBQ combination. So much more controllable than our old BBQ and as both a fire pit and garden ornament it looks great
I would recommend it to anyone.


We have recently bought a 600mm stainless steel fire pit with lid and cooking set at the RHS Malvern Show. Louise was very helpful in explaining the benefits of the fire pit and she is always available to help with any queries. The delivery service was very good and it all arrived on time.

Keith G

Loving our Woodee, only had a couple of weeks and cooked lots of meals, breakfasts, lunches and suppers. It is so quick and easy we love it 😊❤️

Jan W


Our fire pits are the ultimate three-in-one Fire Pit designed to give you a wonderful source of heat outdoors, enable you cook a feast over fire and when not lit to be a stunning garden table.

Our larger 600 and 900mm fire pits are designed to be a centerpiece for your garden with the stainless steel fire pits providing a contemporary look and feel. All of our fire pits can be used for cooking and providing warmth for family and friends.

Our smaller 400mm fire pits can be used in your garden or taken with you on a camping trip or picnic for cooking and keeping you warm..

Mild steel is our standard original fire pit, made from British steel from Port Talbot. Designed to survive being left outdoors in all weathers, over many years, they have a hefty 5mm base and rim, making them heavy, sturdy and solid. Over time the carbon steel will take on a gorgeous organic patina that changes colour from the ‘rolled blue’ to a deep orange as it oxidises and rusts naturally.

Stainless steel is an expensive metal that is incredibly hardwearing; it doesn’t rust like mild steel and is easy to clean and maintain. The fire pit is lighter in weight and easier to move and has been designed to make a stunning centrepiece for your outdoor living space. Taking the British weather, high heat and constant use in its stride, it will give you years of pleasure. Over time it will take on a stunning array of colours as the steel reacts with the heat of the fire. It is a piece of rural art.

Our stainless steel fire pits do not rust the same way mild steel does. As you use the fire pit and the metal heats up it will turn some beautiful colours primarily blue and pink. This will darken over time but as it won’t rust, over time as the metal is heated and cooled it may bow slightly. This is normal and occurs because there is stress within the metal as it is made which reveals itself when it is under pressure.

Our mild steel fire pits have been given a protective lacquer coating to keep it from tarnishing before reaching you. Once you light the fire pit, this coating will burn off and the raw steel will be open to the elements. Raw Steel will oxidise (rust) at any opportunity. This results in a lovely auburn patina which first affects the 'silver' grinded metal and eventually the 'blue' un-grinded metal; this is totally normal. Over time, like our stainless steel fire pits, as the metal is heated and cooled it may bow slightly.

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