Spring Into Action, Your Garden is Calling

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Louise Wright

Spring is in the air, the days are drawing out and it’s a wonderful time to be outdoors in your garden soaking up all that spring sunshine and fresh air.  I always feel a sense of renewed vigour at this time of year and am desperate to get outside; I use this joyful motivation to get sorted and ready for the summer season ahead.

If you are wondering what you should be doing in your garden at this time of year there are lots of brilliant gardening websites packed with advice, and wonderful Pinterest Boards blooming with inspiration.  Here is our practical ‘to-do’ list to get you started:

1 Give your mower and tools the once over

Before the hedges and grass start growing out of control and you are reaching for the mower, check it over and make sure it’s still in good working order.  If you need it repaired or replaced you still have time before it is needed in earnest. The same goes for all your garden tools and equipment. 

2 Check & clean your garden furniture 

Soon you will be sitting outside in the glorious spring sunshine with your friends and family – what a joy that will be! So make sure that all your chairs, loungers, tables and other furniture is fit for purpose.  Now is the time to repair, paint and stain and to give it all a thorough clean – watch the forecast and wait for a dry sunny day so that it can dry properly.  If you have been researching colours and trends, now is also the time to make or buy soft furnishings such as cushions and garden throws for your outside seating area.

2 Do the groundwork

While there is still a chill in the air, you can keep warm outside by pulling on those wellies, hat and coat and power washing the patio.  Assess any decking at the same time and if it needs staining, buy what you need so you are ready for the next good day to start. 

3 Hedging and pruning

Before the birds start nesting, trim back your hedges, shrubs and ornamental trees.  Get out those newly maintained secateurs as now is the time for pruning! Not sure what you should be tackling in spring?  Check out this great article by BBC Gardeners World – “What to prune in spring” 

4 Weeding & tidying

Before you start planting anything new, you need to winkle out those pesky perennial weeds from your borders and beds.  Dig them up by the root or they will just keep coming. Next, apply a heavy mulch which will suppress the weeds and protect and feed the soil underneath.  This will tidy up the borders and beds, which you can further improve by edging the surrounding lawn.

5 Plant and sow

Now is the time for planting up, to enjoy a beautiful and rich garden throughout the summer and beyond.  Unsure what to plant when?  Take a look on the RHS website – ‘Jobs to do in March’ which has some great advice on what to plant right now. I love this guide as it not only tells you what you should be doing, but it tells you how and gives you some great advice.  Check it out.

6 Clean your fire pit

If your fire pit has been outdoors all winter now is a great time to give it a little love and attention before you start using it regularly.  Clean out any debris that is in the fire pit – I use a scoop or old dustpan for this.  If you have a mild carbon steel fire pit it will have oxidised over the winter and accumulated rust.  Take a hard brush and give this a good going over inside and out, tackling the legs and any lid the same way.  This will remove any fine powdery rust.  Next take a soft cloth and work some beeswax polish or vegetable oil all over it to give a layer of protection until you are ready to use it.  If you have a stainless steel fire pit, it will not have rusted like a mild carbon steel would, but you could scrub it up the same to remove any soot, ash or blackening.  You can also clean up any stainless steel grills or lids with a scourer or wire brush. 

7 Create an outdoor lounge

A Woodee Fire Pit can turn any outside space into an additional lounge area where family and friends can be entertained safely this spring. 

Just like in your home, where each room has its own function and identity, your outdoor lounge can be completely different from the rest of your garden.  Like a cosy snug, your outdoor retreat does not have to be big. Whether it is the patio right outside the back door or in a secluded corner of your garden, it is about getting the atmosphere right.  A fire pit makes the perfect focal point for this, as it will bring a sense of life and vibrancy to the space and will keep you warm on these sharp spring days.

Consider how you could distinguish this space from the rest of your garden.  Hedges, screening, and shrubs make good ‘walls’ but you could also consider planters, raised beds and furniture to separate it from other areas.  Next, think about seating as this will draw the ‘room’ together.  Something all-weather may be more suitable than something you must remember to cover or take indoors.  If you are looking for inspiration check out British made all-weather garden seating by Armadillo Sun. Finally, with dark nights encroaching on pale afternoons, good lighting is essential and will help you to create a lovely ambience. 

If you would like to invest in a Woodee Fire Pit, visit our online shop. To find out more about us and how our fire pits are made, download a copy of our brochure here or get in touch with us at louise@thewoodee.com

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