5 Ways to Add Cosiness to Your Outdoor Spaces This Winter

Guest Blog by Lisa Walker

Outdoor spaces are hot right now! They can increase your property value and give your family somewhere safe and lovely to relax without having to leave your home.  

But the winter months ahead are going to be pretty cold, which is why if you want to continue enjoying your outdoor areas, you may need to invest in some upgrades to keep you warm and cosy. From beautiful fire pits from The Woodee to little details that set a comforting mood, here are some helpful tips so you can improve your outdoor space. 

Start With a Beautiful Fire Pit 

Having a hand-crafted fire pit from The Woodee will provide a warm new focal point for your backyard this winter. With smart details and available cooking accessories, your new fire pit is sure to keep you and your guests warm and comfortable. Plus, you’ll get loads of compliments for having such a unique piece in your backyard. 

If you’re ordering as a Christmas gift for your family, just be sure to do so by 11th December to get your fire pit in time. Already have a fire pit? Then pick up one of these artisan products to complete your gorgeous outdoor setup. 

Then Add Some Show-Stopping Seating 

You’ll want to spend every moment possible gathered around your new fire pit. This means you’re going to need some stylish and comfortable chairs, benches and loungers. Mix in a few of each so that you have even more outdoor entertaining options. Most of these stunning sets include a dining or bistro table. 

You can always store these away until the colder months are over. Pack away the cushions that come with it or pick up some waterproof scatter pillows that will be able to stand up to the snow, ice and rain that can come with the winter months. 

String Up Some Festive Lighting 

Stylish lighting will give your outdoor spaces such a magical glow. Hang a few strands of string lights around your new fire pit and seating area to create a romantic winter getaway. Or you could use a combo of sconces, lanterns, and tree lights to make your backyard escape feel like it was touched by fairies. 

If you have an excess of holiday lights or jars lying around the house, you can also upcycle them to help light your backyard. There are truly no limits to what you can do with your lighting! So make sure your space is well-lit for darker and longer winter days.

Consider Adding a Little Bit of Colour

Think your backyard has to be dormant and dull during the winter? If you choose hardy plants, it doesn’t have to! Perennials like Lungwort and Bergenia retain their richly hued leaves throughout the winter and will give you the most radiant blooms come spring. Plant these flowers in containers so that you can control how much moisture and sunlight they receive from season to season. 

Variegated or colourful evergreen shrubs will also look smart in your yard, and these posh plants require minimal effort and care to keep up throughout the winter. 

Set The Mood With Some Outdoor Music 

You’re bound to have hours of conversation in your new outdoor space. But you and your guests may want a little background music during your get-togethers. As a finishing touch to your outdoor winter wonderland, invest in high-quality speakers you can use both inside and outside of your home. A Bluetooth speaker like the Megaboom 3 or the Emberton packs a powerful punch into a small package that won’t take up too much room. If you need something that won’t take up too much room in your budget, an Anker speaker may be a better fit. 

Alfresco gatherings will continue to be a trend in the UK and across the globe, even with a colder season approaching. If you want to be able to keep on enjoying outdoor time with your loved ones, make sure you have the features to keep everyone warm. A fire pit from The Woodee, a few chairs, and some thoughtful touches are all that you need to create a magical winter outdoor setup.

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