Andrew Hewitt’s love of wood and woodworking started when he was 25, a long way from Herefordshire, travelling in Switzerland in 1980. Proudly self-taught, Andrew moved to Wales and started making musical string instruments such as Psalterys and Hammerdulcimers.
After a spell in Bristol Andrew moved to Herefordshire in 1989, worked on his self-build project and as a stonemason for Capps & Capps before qualifying in Healing Shiatsu in 1992.

In 1996 Andrew and his wife Jenny took part in a six week Green Woodworking Course at Chancestone Park. They started coppicing a woodland at Brimstone Farm in St Weonards which he still does to this day. The following year Andrew became an instructor on another course, in charge of hurdle structures, and he was hooked.
‘Andrew Hewitt Mobile Saw’ was born in 2000 when Andrew invested in a Lucus Mill Saw Mill as he realised the potential to be able to saw fallen trees in situ for people. Today he brings back the fallen and felled trees to the yard where he saws, stores and seasons the wood. As well as selling the timber on, Andrew makes fencing panels and hazel hurdles as well as bespoke pieces of furniture. He also teaches small groups green woodworking skills.

Andrew is in his element in the outdoors, he told us his job is about “being outside, the weather, the physical work, creating and making things and providing a service that is not common - not many others are doing it.”

Andrew’s favourite wood is oak. He said it's all about the shapes and patterns, their colour, strength and versatility. We couldn’t agree more.