Seggin Bees

Hereford Bees Wax

Seggin Bees started life as a hobby between partners Louise Sheppard and Nick Hall keeping two colonies of bees and selling honey from the door.

After a year or two the number of bees increased so more hives had to be built and as a result Louise now has over sixteen colonies, all producing honey and wax both at home and in ‘out apiaries’ around Herefordshire .

All Seggin Bees products are made by Louise, mainly from her own resources. The honey and wax from the bees, the petals and herbs which she gathers and dries are from her garden.

Her prize winning wax comes from the cappings which she removes from the tops of the honey frames, carefully melted and filtered to remove impurities and used in many of the products.

Where this is not possible Louise only uses ethically produced ingredients and preferably locally sourced. At all times the environmental impact of what she does is the first consideration.