Woodee Veggie Stacks

A fantastic, simple recipe perfect for veggie lovers on BBQ week!


  • 4 Brioche Buns

  • 4 Red Peppers – cut either side of the stalk

  • Cauliflower - slice 1/2cm thick

  • Aubergine – Slice 1cm thick on the diagonal

  • Fennel – slice ½cm thick and remove the centre stalk

  • Courgettes – Slice 1cm thick on the diagonal

  • 2 blocks Halloumi - sliced

  • Pickled Gherkins

  • Piri Piri Mayonnaise

  • Rapeseed oil

Let’s Cook

Place all the vegetables onto a tray and sprinkle over a little rapeseed oil season with salt and pepper, turn them over and repeat the oil and seasoning.

Place the cooking tray onto the fire pit and allow the tray to heat up, add a little oil.

Place the vegetables onto the hot tray in the order given above. (It’s important to have quite a bit of heat in the centre to get the vegetables cooking, if it gets too hot you can move them to the outside)

Turn the vegetable regularly to cook them evenly through and allowing them to take on a nice golden colour. When nearly cooked place the Halloumi onto the tray and allow to heat through and become crispy on the outside.

Pop the cut buns onto the tray to warm through.

When all the ingredients are cooked and warm, then you can get creative and stack your bun with whatever vegetable you like adding slices of pickled gherkin and piri piri mayonnaise as you go.


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