Woodee Game Supper

This delicious Game Supper made up of Pheasant Parcels and Braised Kale is bound to be a hit any day of the week!

Pheasant Parcels

Serves 2

  • 2 pheasant breasts – skin off
  • Garlic flavoured cream cheese or Boursin
  • 4 slices of Hay Charcuterie ’Hereford Ham’ or similar prosciutto

Let’s Cook

Make a pocket in the pheasant breast by diagonally cutting through the thickest part of the meat, to make a pocket

Push a good tablespoon of the cream cheese into the pocket. Lay a slice of the prosciutto on a board and then lay another slice over the top in the other direction to form a cross. Place the pheasant breast on top and pull in the prosciutto to form a parcel.

On the hot grill, lightly brush with a little oil, and place the pheasant parcels on the heat, cook for about 5- 8 minutes before turning over and cooking on the other side. The key is not to have the heat too hot, which will allow the meat to cook through. It should take around 15-20 minutes to cook through. Leave to rest a while before serving on a bed of braised kale.

Braised Kale

  • 150g prepared washed kale
  • A glass of white wine
  • Nut of butter

Let’s Cook

Place a heaving frying pan onto the grill and allow to heat up, add the kale, white wine and seasoning and allow to wilt for 5-10 minutes. Just before serving, add the butter and stir it through the kale.

Serve with the pheasant.


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