Woodee Full English Breakfast

What’s on the menu today? What about our cracking full English breakfast cooked outdoors over fire?


  • Bacon

  • Sausage

  • Tomatoes

  • Mushrooms

  • Black Pudding

  • Eggs

  • Bread

Let’s Cook

When the cooking tray is hot add a little oil before placing the sausages on the tray these are going to take the longest time to cook so keep turning them and if they are getting too brown move them to a cooler part of the cooking tray.

Black Pudding goes on next, with the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Remember to keep turning the sausages so that they cook evenly through.

Cut a piece of chunky bread in half and add it to the tray, turning when it gets crispy.

When the meaty ingredients are nearly cooked, move them to the outer part of the cooking tray, add a little splash of oil and crack a couple of eggs into the centre, turn the eggs over if you like them cooked a little more. Plate up and enjoy!

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