Wild Garlic and Mushroom Pockets

Wild garlic is in season right now so take advantage of some fantastic foraging and give this delicious and simple dish a go.


  • 200g Speciality Mushrooms

  • Small handful of wild garlic – shredded*

  • Butter

  • Salt and pepper

  • Double cream

  • Greaseproof paper and tin foil

  • Crusty bread

Let’s Cook

Place a square of greaseproof paper onto a square of foil. Pick through the mushrooms cutting any of the larger ones in half and place them into the centre of the prepared square. Add some of the shredded garlic leaves a knob of butter and season with salt pepper.

Bring the edges together to form a parcel and place these into the base of the fire pit, and cook for 15-30 minutes depending on how hot your fire pit is. Don’t put them directly on the hot coals.

When cooked open up the parcels and add a dash of cream. Serve with some crusty bread or as a side dish to go with grilled meat or chicken.


*Wild Garlic is only in season from April through to the end of May. You could add baby spinach leaves and slices of spring onion instead of the wild garlic if it’s out of season.

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