The Woodee - The Ultimate 3 in 1 Fire Pit

A Woodee Fire Pit is no ordinary fire pit. It is an outdoor fire, barbecue and garden table rolled into one. Where space is a premium, the Woodee comes into its own as it uses the one area so effectively. 

Beautiful to look at, both burning and unlit, the practicality of a Woodee is unparalleled. It is a phenomenal fire pit; the straight sides house the fire extremely well from the wind and the oak leaf cut outs around the whole frame draws oxygen in to the fire – one of the main ingredients of a good blaze. These two components mean you get an even, centralised burn that gives a smokeless burn as is possible, depending of course on the fuel you use – we recommend kiln dried or seasoned wood or local charcoal - wet wood will always produce smoke! 

The 6mm stainless steel grill that fits each Woodee offers a brilliant barbecue option; the thickness of this grill means that you can cook with heavy duty cast iron pans on it, as well as grilling all your barbecue favourites.  Being stainless steel, it’s easy to clean too – just scrub with hot soapy water. It will last as long as your fire pit!


The lid really brings this fire pit to the next level. When you are not using your fire pit for heat or cooking it converts into a stunning garden table. This means that you can leave all your garden chairs around it all the time, it doesn’t have to be put away because it is a black eyesore like other fire pits. In fact, it is the perfect outdoor table – it will look like a sculpture, a beautiful garden feature. Somewhere to sit and drink an early morning cup of coffee, a place to have an afternoon tea or the perfect place to sit around with friends and enjoy your favourite tipple on a warm evening. And being so solidly well made, you can leave this out all year round without fear of it weathering away. 


But the best thing about the lid? Well you can turn it over and cook on it! Start the day with a full English breakfast, or how about a smoked haddock kedgeree for brunch? Paella for lunch, or maybe a stir fry? Dinner could be a curry and flatbreads, or maybe roasted veggies are your thing? For pudding? Well everyone loves pancakes or maybe try our roasted rhubarb crumble. The possibilities are endless. Once you’ve finished cooking, wipe the tray, don’t scrub it, allowing it to season and become non-stick. Get some hot soapy water and wash the side that has come into contact with the fire – then replace the clever lid and voila! Your feature table is back. 


TIP: when not in use as a fire, put solar fairy lights inside the fire pit to create a soft twinkling effect.

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