Cooking with your Woodee Fire Pit

Cooking Instructions

Before you start...

If you have bought the Cooking Set you can set your Fire Pit up to act as a BBQ. The grill is stainless steel and hygienic to cook on. It has two lugs on the underside to ensure it fits securely onto the fire pit.

Before cooking, clean the grill and slice head by washing it in warm soapy water. The handle and rivets are hand forged mild steel and will rust if it encounters water. Therefore, dry carefully and oil the handle and rivets to stop them rusting. Do this regularly.

For best results use kiln-dried or seasoned wood or charcoal to cook on. Flames will burn the food, so you want a hot steady heat instead. Prepare to start cooking when the wood or coals are hot and glowing.

Using the Grill & Hot Plate

Once you are ready to start cooking carefully add the Grill. Use gloves! The Fire Pit will be hot. Check it is securely in place then add a little vegetable oil sprayed or brushed onto the grill to prevent the food sticking.

The hot plate end can be used to hold a pan – ensure any vessels used are fit for purpose and contain no plastic or materials that melt. Be careful –pay attention to any handles which could be knocked and cause the pan to tip.

The Grill has been designed to cover only part of the Fire Pit so that you can still manage the wood and coals underneath. When you have finished cooking carefully remove the grill. It will be hot so use gloves! You can then add more fuel to the fire to continue using it as a Fire Pit. NB: If you leave the grill on and increase the heat there is a chance that the grill will bow slightly.

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Using the Cooking Tray/Lid

If you have purchased the Cooking Tray/Lid, then you can enjoy cooking everything from Paella to a full English breakfast. To use the Cooking Tray place it lid side up on top of the rim of your fire pit.

Season the pan for best results. Cooking sausages on it is a good way of doing this as they release fats which coat it. Alternatively, rapeseed oil which has a high flash point works well. Depending on the fire below, the cooking tray may have hotter and cooler spots. You can use this to your advantage to cook a range of foods at the same time.

Remove the cooking tray when you have finished cooking or it may bow under the heat. Use gloves! Ensure that the surface you put the cooking tray onto is heatproof. The underside of the cooking tray will blacken with use. This can be cleaned with a cream cleaner and kitchen scourer or a wire brush. As with all stainless steel, the metal changes colour with heat and will turn a honey colour with hints of blue and pink. This is totally normal.

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Using a Dutch Oven

Your fire pit is perfect for using a Dutch Oven in. Once the fire is hot, move the coals or embers from the middle making room for the heavy pot. Depending on your recipe you can manoeuvre the coals around the fire pit for optimum heat, you can also put coals on the top of the oven.

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What can I cook?

Virtually anything! If you have never cooked on an open fire before it may take a bit of getting used to – the times for various foods will be different to cooking in a conventional oven or grill. For some great inspiration and easy recipes check out our blog or follow us on Facebook to join in with our live cookouts. Enjoy!

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