Considering buying a fire pit? Here's some FAQs

What is the best fire pit?

The best Woodee fire pit is really dependent on what you require and where your fire pit will sit. We offer two different types of fire pits, mild steel and stainless steel fire pits both having different characteristics. You can enjoy your Woodee fire pit for Fire, Food & Furniture. 

What is the point of a fire pit?

A fire pit has many benefits, namely to provide warmth but allows you to cook food, gather around the fire with others and enjoy their company. In particular, a Woodee fire pit also can be used as a table in your garden, when using our fire pit lid, creating a statement piece for your garden. 

Are fire pits safe?

Fire pits are safe when used sensibly. Always ensure your fire pit is on a flat surface, away from your home, shed, fence, decking or any other flammable structure and well away from overhanging trees. Please ensure children and pets stay clear of the fire pit and are not left unsupervised. Always have a first aid kit and water bucket on standby. 

Can you cook on a fire pit?

You can absolutely cook on a fire pit. A Woodee stainless steel grill can be used on your fire pit to allow you to cook meat, vegetables, sweet treats, bread and anything you can cook on a barbecue. You can also use our Woodee mallow tree to cook marshmallows, a fun, family-friendly exercise. 

What do you burn in a fire pit?

It is best to burn dry fuel in your fire pit, this ensures minimum smoke and maximum heat output. We would recommend using either British kiln dried logs, which have a moisture content below 20% or British charcoal. We would also recommend using a natural firelighter to light your fire, made from renewable material, a natural firelighter is perfect for cooking outdoors, as they are odourless and do not taint your food.  

What is a fire pit used for?

A fire pit can be used for warmth, cooking or creating a statement piece in your garden. 

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