600mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit

600mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit


The Stainless Steel Woodee Fire Pit has all the benefits of the standard mild steel 600mm but with the added benefit that it will not rust.  

Over time as you use it it will take on beautiful blue and pink colours (imagine petrol in water) before darkening up.

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I’ve had the Woodee for a couple of years and absolutely love it. It’s perfect as a ‘patio heater’ if I can call it that but also amazing for cooking a 3kg piece of steak. Then during the day, with the lid on, it’s perfect as a table to put your drinks on! And to top it off, being stainless steel, it won’t rust or require any kind of upkeep! Ever!
— Martin Baker

The stainless steel offers a very contemporary look, a garden sculpture when not in use.

On three sturdy legs and set at knee height it is perfectly designed to sit and cook around. Rather than escaping into the ether, the heat will filter through the oak leaf cut outs to warm your legs – exactly where you need it!

A lighter material than mild steel, the Stainless  Steel is more easily moved and can be power washed which makes it perfect for moving indoors when not in use outdoors. Use with fairy lights for a festive feel – when bought with the stainless steel tray/lid you can also use it as a coffee table.  Buy with the Cooking Set to turn your Fire Pit into an outdoor grill.