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Handcrafted for your wood burner

The Woodee is a stylish tool to open a hot wood burner door. The handcrafted artisan design will protect your fingers from getting burned. Tactile and unique, when not in use it will be a conversation piece in your beautiful home.

It has a handle and head made from seasoned Herefordshire oak, a soft leather strap cut from the hide of a Hereford bull and tanned by the only cow skin tanner in the country, who can claim the whole process is 100 per cent British. It comes with a hand forged nail to hang it on made by traditional blacksmith Steve Lloyd in his forge in rural Herefordshire.

Using The Woodee is easy. Simply hold it horizontally to the handle on your hot wood burner. Then either slip it on the bar or curved handle or sit it on the oval handle and rotate. When the door catch is unlocked, gently pull it open. Voila! It is an heirloom piece. Properly looked after, this little piece of Herefordshire will give you years of help and pleasure.

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