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Sitting around a fire pit with friends and family toasting crumpets and marshmallows as the sun goes down is surely one of life’s most simple pleasures. Unplugged and outdoors, wrapped in a blanket while watching the flames dancing in front of you is good for the soul.

Fire Pits Hand crafted in our workshop in rural Herefordshire, The Woodee truly is a beautiful Fire Pit. The raw steel is stunning in the daylight and at night the flames crackle through the oak leaves with spectacular effect.

Made to endure the British weather, high heat and constant use, the bases are made out of 5mm mild steel with an oak leaf cut out at the centre to allow rainwater to drain when it’s not in use. Over time the Fire Pit will take on an autumn coloured patina as the mild steel oxidises and rusts; this will not affect the integrity of the fire pit.

The Woodee Fire Pit is designed so that you can also cook on it. The cooking set is made up of a 6mm stainless steel grill (which won’t rust) with hot plate and a blacksmiths hand forged Slice.

Fire Pits Fire Pits Fire Pits Fire Pits

How we make our Fire Pits

Each Fire Pit starts life as a flat piece of mild steel. Our unique leaf pattern is cut out by Brigid on a plasma bed. She then grinds the ‘dross’ off the back of the metal by hand to give a smooth finish. Paul, our Woodee Fabricator makes the dished base by initially taking a wedge out of a circle of steel before methodically crimping it around the radius until it forms a shallow cone, which he then welds together. This is then ‘tapped’ to the rolled surround before being welded into place. The rim is made in three sections, welded on and grinded, to give both a handle and an edge for the Grill to sit on. Finally the three reinforced legs are added.

Fire Pit

Using a Woodee Fire Pit

The Woodee Fire Pit should be sited away from the house and other buildings. It is best placed on a solid stone, concrete or gravel floor. It can be used on the grass but be aware that the grass could char or burn due to the heat above. The oak leaf hole in the base, which allows rainwater to drain away effectively, also means hot ash could drop through.

Over time as the metal is heated and cooled it may bow slightly. This is normal and occurs because there is stress within the metal as it is made which reveals itself when it is under pressure.


Cooking on a Woodee Fire Pit

For best results start cooking when the wood has burned down to hot glowing embers. Remember that flames will burn food, so aim for a hot steady heat instead. Adding charcoal is a great way to achieve this and offers less smoke than wood. Try our Herefordshire Charcoal. Once the embers or coals are glowing you can carefully add the Grill.

The hot plate can be used to hold a pan – ensure any vessels used are fit for purpose and contain no plastic or materials that melt. Be careful – if you are using it to boil water this is an extra hazard and you should pay particular attention to any overhanging handles which could be knocked and cause the pan to tip.

It’s also great for cooking food wrapped in foil such as corn on the cob with butter or salmon in lemon juice – give it a go! Post your photos on our FaceBook page /thewoodee

When you have finished cooking carefully remove the grill. It will be hot so use gloves! You can then add more fuel to the fire to continue using it as a traditional Fire Pit. NB: If you leave the grill on and increase the heat there is a chance that the grill will bow slightly.


What can I cook?

Anything that you can cook on a BBQ! Be adventurous, but always remember to put food hygiene first. If you have never cooked on an open fire before it may take a bit of getting used to – the times for various foods will be different to cooking in a conventional oven or grill. They will need to be turned regularly to be cooked evenly. Use the Woodee hand-forged Slice that came with the Cooking Set to turn the food. It has a stainless steel head and a long handle so that you can manage the grill whilst sitting down.

Do not leave food, especially meat, in the sun before cooking. Keep cooked meat separate to uncooked meat and vegetables. Ensure all food is piping hot and cooked properly before eating it. Dispose of any uneaten food and do not be tempted to reheat it later!


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