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To help you manage an open fire, wood burner or fire pit we hand make the Woodee Range of Fire Irons and Tools.

Our Blacksmith Derek Lloyd fashions each one in his forge in Herefordshire. Made from mild steel they are incredibly strong and will withstand even the hottest fires.

We have three different shaft designs across the range: The Chiselled Twist, Roman Twist and Rope Twist.

The large fire irons, Shovel and Rake have a chiselled twist design. To do this Derek heats up the iron in the forge before setting it on the anvil to make a groove along all four sides with a hammer and chisel. With the metal hot and malleable Derek then fixes the iron in a vice and twists it.

The smaller irons have a Rope Twist which is a traditional blacksmith’s twist, made from heating up the shaft and simply twisting it. This gives a more rounded look and feel.

The tongs, toasting fork and slice all have a Roman Twist. This is a more complicated twist and involves heating up one spot on the shaft and twisting it one way, then heating it further up the shaft and twisting the other way, and repeating this method until the design is finished. It offers a lovely effect.

Once the shaft of the tool is forged it is ready for its handle. We use Herefordshire oak and inspired by a talk by Robert Penn (read his book ‘The man who makes things out of Trees’) in Hay-on-Wye, we also now use Herefordshire ash. All our tools have a strap which makes them easy to hang on the hearth, made from local Herefordshire Bull Skin which has been tanned locally by Farmer’s wife Hayley Hanson.

Each tool is finished with Herefordshire Bees Wax to protect them and stop the mild steel from rusting. The Bees wax works itself into the iron when warm which brings out a lovely patina in the metal. To keep your fire iron and tools in tip top condition you can periodically work some beeswax polish or oil into it.

Fire Irons

Log Rollers

Pokers and Log Rollers are traditional tools to help you safely manage your open fire, wood burner or fire pit. They are the perfect tool to stoke a fire and reinvigorate dying embers.

We make two sizes; a smaller shorter iron designed for wood burners and smaller grates, and larger longer irons for open fires and fire pits. Pokers are straight and Log Rollers have a hook at the base, designed to help hook and manoeuvre logs in the fire.

The large fire irons have a chiselled rope twist design and the smaller irons have a traditional blacksmith’s twist. All handles are 210mm which is included in the sizes given. Small fire irons are made from 8mm mild steel, large fire irons are made from 10mm mild steel.

Small Poker – 530mm
Small Log Roller – 590mm
Large Poker – 725mm
Large Log Roller – 750mm
All handles are 210mm which is included in the size above.
Small fire irons are made from 8mm mild steel, large fire irons are made from 10mm mild steel.

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Shovels & Rakes

Rake & Shovel
For cleaning out the grate and keeping the hearth free from ash, use our Shovel and Rake. Handmade and designed for the rake to fit onto the shovel these are a pair of incredibly useful tools. The rake can be used within a lit fire to draw dying embers back into the centre; it is really helpful in a wood burner to rake out the ash fallen out of the ash pan below the fire. Its short square design makes it perfect for getting into back corners. Coupled with the long-handled shovel it’s a contemporary take on the hearth brush as it allows hot ash and embers to be collected up effectively.

The Shovels and Rakes are hand forged from mild steel by our blacksmith. Steve first makes the handles which both have a chiselled twist, matching the Fire Irons. He then makes the tool end out of flat steel, bending them into shape before riveting them to their handles.

To make them comfortable to use we put a sturdy Herefordshire oak handle on each one with a Herefordshire bull skin strap. Hang them up on a hook next to the fire so they are always on hand when you need them.

Shovel: 760mm long; 130mm at widest width, reducing to 105mm at narrowest.
Rake: 610mm long; head 120mm x 50mm
All handles are 210mm which is included in the size above.
Made from 8mm mild steel.

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Our dual purpose tongs can be used either in the fire to move wood and coal or are equally as effective for handling food on the Fire Pit or BBQ. They are a beautiful piece of blacksmithing. They have a hand forged spring riveted to two shafts which allows for fluid movement. The two shafts both have a Roman Twist half way down. This is formed as Steve heats one point of the metal, twists it, then heats another point and twists it the other way, then another and so on, giving an unusual and attractive twist. This gives way to a flat round at the end which has been drawn out in the fire to form the ‘grip’. The underside of each is scored so that it can grip effectively. The tongs are held together with a Hereford Bull skin knot and finished in Herefordshire Bees Wax polish to keep the mild steel in tip top condition. If you are going to use the tongs for handling food, clean them and coat them in a vegetable oil. This will also stop the mild steel from oxidising.

Overall Length: 560mm; grip 30mm diameter; spring 80mm length.
Made from 8mm mild steel.

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