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Ancient crafts, contemporary designers

Traditional Joinery

David Malone a traditional Joiner in Hereford, hand crafts each Woodee, Fire Iron handle and Bellows to get its beautiful finish and tactile shape. The seasoned Herefordshire Oak and Ash is sawn, planed, moulded, chamfered, drilled, routed and sanded, all several times over in David’s workshop. It’s a time consuming process and a dying art.

Hayley Hanson Hides

Leather used for the Woodee Range is tanned from start to finish, traditionally, by the country’s only female tanner who can claim that this is 100% British. At her micro-tannery in Herefordshire, it can take Hayley Hanson up to six months to tan a bull hide. Each strap is laser cut for a smooth edge and stitched in traditional saddlery colours on Hayley’s trusty Singer Sewing Machine.

Blacksmiths Derek & Steve Lloyd

Between father and son Derek and Steve Lloyd, they have an amazing 100 years’ experience as both traditional blacksmiths and farriers. Both have lecturered at the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford. Derek is a Champion Blacksmith earning the Silver Medal for this work from Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.  Smithing is a truly ancient craft dating back four millennia and Derek and Steve use the same skills and techniques in the Woodee range that have been used for hundreds of years.

Jenny Crisp Basket Maker and Willow Grower

The willow for each Woodee Log Basket is grown in one of Jenny Crisp’s willow beds in Herefordshire. Harvesting takes place each year from January to March and is back-breaking work. Only the pliable one-year-old growth is used as anything older becomes too brittle to bend. Jenny soaks it in an old sheep trough for up to a week before weaving it into form using rudimentary tools that basket makers would have used centuries ago.

Steve Methven Agricultural Engineer

The Woodee Fire Pits are all made in Steve’s workshop, tucked away in rural Herefordshire. Steve and his team are normally to be found fixing and making parts for tractors and large farm machinery.  Everything they make is practical, heavy duty and engineered to last.  The same ethos is applied to our Fire Pits plus of course they have to look beautiful.  Steve also makes the wheels for our Log Trolleys and the nozzles for the Woodee Bellows on some of his amazing traditional machinery.

Seggin Bees

Each Woodee and Fire Iron is finished in Herefordshire Bees Wax from Seggin Bees. Nick and Louise started Seggin Bees as a hobbey and now have 16 colonies of Bees making honey and wax near Leominster in Herefordshire.  Louise has also made the 100% Bees Wax Candles which are used in our new Storm Lanterns.