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“The deep soils of Herefordshire have long been recognised as providing exceptional conditions for growing quality hardwoods and British Oak trees.”

The Oak for the Woodee is grown and felled in woodlands in Herefordshire. We work with Will Bullough who air dries the Oak, traditionally seasoning it, at Whitney on Wye Sawmills. Whitney Sawmills is a supplier of FSC certified UK timber which is largely sourced from the extensive local Herefordshire woodlands belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall. There are only a minute number of local sawmills left in the country so they are very important to the whole woodland world. Will considers it very important that woodlands are not neglected. Selling local wood means the woodlands get managed, it’s good for the environment and rural employment.

Will started out as a furniture maker. Then in the 1980’s he started sawing and drying his own timber to guarantee the high-quality wood that he needed. When other makers asked him to start supplying them too, Whitney Sawmills was born. Will went on to plant a sixty-acre wood of mixed native hardwoods at the Whitney site which he continues to add to, every year.