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‘A little piece of Herefordshire’

Herefordshire is one of the most rural and beautiful counties in the country. On a canvas of green rolling hills, ancient woodlands and cider apple orchards, sit black and white houses, Duchy Farms, historic buildings and market towns.

Oak and Ash

The Oak and Ash used in the Woodee Range started life as saplings growing in Herefordshire woodland. When the trees matured and were felled they spent a further year for every inch of thickness, air-drying in Whitney on Wye sawmills and other quiet corners of Herefordshire.


Famous for our Cattle in Herefordshire, it seemed only right to use the hide from a Hereford Bull to make our hand stitched straps and Bellows. Our bulls are ‘born, bred and dead’ on local farms before being tanned by local farmers wife Hayley Hanson. These truly magnificent animals add a heritage to The Woodee Range that is totally unique.


The Willow weaved into our range of Log Baskets, and used in our Bellows, is grown in willow beds deep in the Herefordshire countryside by Master Basket Maker & Grower, Jenny Crisp. The Willow is harvested between January and March each year and then the different varieties and colours are sorted into bundles and graded by length. It is stored until it is needed, whereby it is soaked for up to a week to make it pliable to work.

Bees Wax

Our Storm Lantern candles are made out of 100% local bees wax. Plus every handcrafted item we make is finished with Herefordshire Bees Wax, all from Seggin Bees in Leominster. Bees Wax polish brings out the grain a treat and protects not only the wood but the hand-forged metal work too. It also smells amazing.


The Woodees come in hand made boxes by traditional craftsman and model maker Seamus Hayes. We even make our bags out of recycled Hereford Times!


Tucked away in rural farm buildings, our Fire Pits are made by Agricultural Engineer Steve Methven and his team. They also create the contemporary wheels for the Log Trolleys and nozzles for our Bellows.