Our Fire Pits

+ What can your fire pits be used for?

Our fire pits can be used for a variety of purposes. Our smaller 400mm fire pits, can be used in your garden or even taken with you on a camping trip, for cooking and keeping warm. Our larger 600 and 900mm fire pits are deisgned to be a center piece for your garden with the stainless steel fire pits providing a contemporary look and feel. All of our fire pits can be used for cooking on and providing warmth for family and friends.

+ What is the difference between your mild steel and stainless steel fire pits?

Mild steel is our standard original fire pit, made from British steel from Port Talbot. Designed to survive being left outdoors in all weathers, over many years, they have a hefty 5mm base and rim, making them heavy, sturdy and solid. Over time the carbon steel will take on a gorgeous organic patina that changes colour from the ‘rolled blue’ to a deep orange as it oxidises and rusts naturally.

Stainless steel is an expensive metal that is incredibly hardwearing; it doesn’t rust like mild steel and is easy to clean and maintain. The fire pit is lighter in weight and easier to move and has been designed to make a stunning centrepiece for your outdoor living space. Taking the British weather, high heat and constant use in its stride, it will give you years of pleasure. Over time it will take on a stunning array of colours as the steel reacts with the heat of the fire. It is a piece of rural art.

+ How long do your fire pits last?

Our stainless steel fire pits will not rust. As you use the fire pit and the metal heats up it will turn some beautiful colours primarily blue and pink. This will darken over time but as it won’t rust, over time as the metal is heated and cooled it may bow slightly. This is normal and occurs because there is stress within the metal as it is made which reveals itself when it is under pressure.

Our mil steel fire pits have been given a protective lacquer coating to keep it from tarnishing before reaching you. Once you light the fire pit, this coating will burn off and the raw steel will be open to the elements. Raw Steel will oxidise (rust) at any opportunity. This resilts in a lovely auburn patina which first affects the 'silver' grinded metal and eventually the 'blue' un-grinded metal; this is totally normal. Over time, like our stainless steel fire pits, as the metal is heateed and cooled it may bow slightly.

+ Can your fire pits be left outside in the elements?

Our fire pits should be treated like any other piece of garden furniute, maintained and kept under cover during the winter. If you have purchased a Cooking Tray/Lid this can be used in its lid format to help keep the fire pit in tip top condition.

+ What fuel can you use in your fire pits?

We recommend either using dry Charcoal, Briquettes or Kiln Dried Logs to light your fire pit. We supply Charcoal and Kiln Dried Logs both, from Herefordshire suppliers, on our website. It's very important to ensure you use on dry fuel, in order to avoid smoke and also ensure more heat from the fire.

+ How heavy are your fire pits?


+ How long do your fire pits take to make?

The Woodee Collection is handcrafted to order and as such we allow up to three weeks for delivery (it can be quicker and sometimes in very busy periods it could be slightly longer). We will send you an email confirmation with details of when we anticipate delivery and will keep you updated of our progress.

You will be able to organise delivery to a different address and we will try our best to accommodate delivery days to suit you.

Please let us know if you have specific requests or if you need your order for a certain day (such as a special birthday) by getting in touch with us here louise@thewoodee.com

+ Why have they got holes around the side?

We're often asked this question. Our fire pits all have oak leaf cut outs which help to draw air and give an even burn.

+ Are they only legs and are they detachable?

All of our fire pits have three legs which offer optimum stability, which have been been welded on, so unfortunately not detachable.

+ How tall are your fire pits?

All our fire pits are set at knee height, perfectly designed to sit and cook around.

+ How are your fire pits made?

Each fire pit is made to order by our agricultural engineer, Steve Methven, and fabricator Paul Parry, in their rural Herefordshire workshop. With deep straight sides and around 100 oak leaves cut out of each one, the Woodee is the ideal housing for an outdoor fire. It draws air in from every direction to give a great burn whilst simultaneously protecting the flame and allowing heat through the leaves to warm your legs. You can read more about how our fire pits are made here

+ Who makes your fire pits?


+ Where can I get a fire pit?

All of our fire pits are available to buy online here. Alternatively, visit our events page to see which shows we will be exhibiting at. There you'll be able to see the fire pits and place an order in person.

+ How long do they take to cool down?


Cooking on your Fire Pit

+ Can you cook on your fire pits?

Yes! We offer two different types of cooking sets with the majority of our fire pits. These can be found here.

+ What can you cook?

The skys the limit when it comes to cooking on one of our fire pits. Whether it's a BBQ or even a sunday roast, you can cook it all. Have a look on our blog for some delicious recipes and inspiration from our Live Cookouts!

+ What is included in your Fire Pit Cooking Sets?


+ How long after lighting my fire pit can I cook on it?



+ How much is delivery?

Delivery cost are dependant upon the products you purchase. Minimum delivery cost is £3.50 and the maximum is £75 to UK mainland. Highlands and Islands, The Isle of Man and Northern Ireland unfortunately incur extra delivery costs.

+ How is delivery of your fire pits made?

Smaller deliveries for items such as our accessories we use Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For. For larger orders, we use a courier service.

Looking after your fire pit

+ How do I clean my fire pit?

We recommend giving your fire pit a good clean, every now and again – we have found using a pressure washer works well.

+ Do I need to treat my fire pit?

To maintain your Fire Pit you can rub it down with a hard brush or even some wire wool (this will remove rust and may as a result leave a more shiny finish on the steel) and work in some bees wax or vegetable based oil. By doing this, it will keep your fire pit from oxidising further and remain in tip top condition.