Hand-crafted Christmas Gifts

Surprising someone with a beautiful, handcrafted gift this Christmas has never been easier thanks to The Woodee.

With its beautifully designed collection of artisan tools and accessories, made in the heart of Herefordshire by a team of traditional craftspeople, The Woodee collection is handmade using local and natural materials. The collection includes stunning fire pits and accessories, log baskets, traditional bellows, lanterns, fire irons and hearth tools.

The Woodee Suede Apron

Perfect for those with a passion for cooking, our traditional Suede Aprons are made from local split leather. They are available in one size and have adjustable leather straps. At a length just above the knee, they are ideal for outdoor cooking and barbecuing.

Toasting Fork

Perfect for outdoor chefs, the toasting fork is ideal for toasting crumpets and melting marshmallows. The fork is 745mm long and is made from 8mm steel. The handle is made from local oak and is 210mm long (part of overall length). The toasting fork has a leather strap, so it can be hung up easily.

The Woodee Storm Lanterns

Perfect for Hygge fans looking to snuggle down this winter, the beautiful Woodee Storm Lantern is the work of six different traditional craftspeople collaborating to make a unique, practical and beautiful lantern which can be used indoors or outside.

It is made with British Steel from Port Talbot and each lantern has over 50 oak leaves cut out to allow light to shine out in every direction. The handle has an understated twist on each side and a grip made from local Hereford oak. The removable lid has a Hereford Bull-skin strap.

The stunning glass candle holder for the lantern has been hand blown and the aromatic Hereford Beeswax candle sits within this.

The Storm Lanterns are 200mm tall with a diameter of 170mm and weigh 2kg (without glass) or 3.5kg (with glass). They come in a handmade presentation box.

Louise Wright