Clean out the grate and keep the hearth free from ash with The Woodee rake. Handmade and designed to fit on to the shovel this is an incredibly useful tool. The rake can be used within a lit fire to draw dying embers back into the centre. It is really helpful in a wood burner to rake out the ash fallen out of the ash pan below the fire. Because of its short square design, it is perfect for getting into back corners. Coupled with the long-handled shovel it’s a contemporary take on the hearth brush. As a result hot ash and embers can be collected up effectively.

Please note only the Rake pictured is included in the above price.

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Our blacksmith hand-forges the shovels and rakes are hand-forged from mild steel. The stems are made with a chiselled twist to match the fire-irons and the tool end is made from flat steel then bent into shape before being riveted to the handles. To make them comfortable to use, a sturdy Herefordshire oak handle is added to each one with a Herefordshire bull skin strap. Hang them up on a hook next to the fire so they are always on hand when you need them.

The rake is 610mm in length and its head measures a generous 120mm x 50mm.