Mild Steel Base Tray/Lid

Mild Steel Base Tray/Lid

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The mild steel Base Tray/Lid can be used either as a Tray under the Fire Pit or as a lid on top of the Fire Pit.

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Used as a Base Tray:  The Fire Pit legs will sit neatly inside the Tray and it will catch any ash that falls through the oak leaf which is cut out of the base of the Fire Pit (designed to allow rain water to freely drain).  It will help protect the surface below but it is not heat proof so could not be used on decking or other vulnerable surfaces.

Used as a Lid: simply turn the Tray upside down and put it on top of the Fire Pit.  Handy to put over dying embers at the end of the evening, although you should never leave any Fire unattended.  Also useful when the Fire Pit is not being used to help keep the weather out. Makes a great table too!