Ash Bellows

Ash Bellows


“A beautiful and traditional fireside tool.”

The Woodee Bellows are our contemporary take on the traditional fireside bellows of days gone by.

Designed to breathe life into dying embers and help re-light fires, our handcrafted bellows do this in style.  If your fire could do with a little helping hand, then these are absolutely for you.

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The craftsmanship and local materials in each bellows is truly amazing.  Every one is made using Herefordshire Ash, Hereford Bull Hide, Hereford Willow and Herefordshire Beeswax.  Each nail is handforged, as are the handles, and even the metal nozzle is handcrafted.  It takes the work of six traditional Herefordshire craftspeople – a Champion Blacksmith, Traditional Tanner, Willow Grower, Upholsterer, Engineer and Beekeeper – several weeks to complete.  Each is unique, an heirloom.

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