900mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit & Cooking Set

900mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit & Cooking Set


Our stunning 900mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit and cooking set is designed for larger spaces and for fantastic outdoor cooking. This set includes a 900mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit,  6mm stainless steel grill and a hand forged cooking slice. The Stainless Steel Fire Pit is lighter in weight and easier to move than the mild steel and has been designed to make a stunning centre piece for your outdoor living space.

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Taking the British weather, high heat and constant use in its stride, it will give you years of pleasure. Over time it will take on a stunning array of colours as the steel reacts with the heat of the fire.

Dry wood and Charcoal can be used in the Fire Pit.  Once the wood is glowing or the coals are white the thick Stainless Steel Grill can be put on top ready for cooking.  Use the hand forged slice to leisurely cook on top of the grill.  Perfect for steaks, chicken, fish and burgers, why not try jacket potatoes in amongst the embers too.

Buy with the cooking tray/lid to turn your Woodee into the ultimate fire pit.

Large Fire Pit

  • Diameter 900mm

  • Height 460mm

  • Bowl depth 250mm

  • Base Steel 3mm

  • Surround Steel 3mm

Stainless Steel Grill

  • Length 900mm

  • Thickness 6mm

Hand-forged Blacksmith’s Slice

  • Stainless steel head

  • Hand forged stave

  • Hereford oak handle

  • Hereford bull skin strap