400mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit With Cooking Set & Lid

400mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit With Cooking Set & Lid


Our stunning 400mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit with cooking set and lid is the ultimate 3 in 1 fire pit.

This set includes a 400mm Stainless Steel Fire Pit,  6mm stainless steel grill, a hand forged cooking slice and stainless steel cooking tray/lid.

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Designed to cook on, as a Lid, and a Table Top, our Stainless Steel Cooking Tray is a great investment for your Fire Pit. With two sturdy handles for ease of use, the 3mm Stainless Steel will sit securely on the wide rim of the Fire Pit.  Perfect for Paella, cooked breakfast and roast veggies, it also extends the surface area for cooking on our smaller Fire Pits.  When you are not cooking on it simply turn it over; it transforms into a beautiful garden table, utilising your outdoor space to the max.  Also available in mild steel as a lid or a base.

On three sturdy legs it is perfectly designed to sit around and cook on. Rather than escaping into the ether, the heat will filter through the oak leaf cutouts to warm your legs – exactly where you need it!

A lighter material than mild steel, the Stainless  Steel is more easily moved and can be power washed which makes it perfect for moving indoors when not in use outdoors. Use with fairy lights for a festive feel – when bought with the stainless steel tray/lid you can also use it as a coffee table…

Wood, Charcoal, long burn logs and bbq coals can be used in the Fire Pit.  Once the wood is glowing or the coals are white the thick Stainless Steel Grill can be put on top ready for cooking.  Use the hand forged slice to leisurely cook on top of the grill.  Perfect for steaks, chicken, fish and burgers, why not try jacket potatoes in amongst the embers too.

If you’d like a copy of our brochure you can either download one here or request a printed version here.