400mm Cooking Set

400mm Cooking Set


For use with the 400mm Fire Pit.

Stainless Steel Grill

Our Stainless Steel Grills are perfect for cooking on.  With a grill one end and a hot plate the other, they are practical and versatile.  They are sturdy and strong and will take the weight of a heavy pan, so ideal for some slow cooking.  Spray lightly with oil before each use for best results.  To clean use hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush.

  • Length 400mm

  • Thickness 6mm

Hand Forged Tongs

Hand forged by Champion Blacksmith Derek Lloyd, these straight tongs are beautifully balanced and a great weight.  Perfect for picking up sausages and burgers, equally adept at moving charcoal and wood in the fire pit below. Each stave has a stunning water or roman twist; they are a piece of rural art.

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